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Wall Cladding Systems

In everything that we do, we believe in challenging the status quo.

We believe in thinking differently. 

The way we challenge the status quo, is by making our cladding systems look seamless, quick to install, and simple to maintain.  

We just happen to have a great team that can help you along the way.

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leading Innovation with SILVER-ION Technology

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High Impact Resistance

Clean Air Gold Certified

High Resistance to Chemicals

Class A-Fire Rated

100% Recyclable

Heat Welded Seams

The premier choice for hospitals, sterile/clean rooms, pharmaceutical facilities, laboratories, clinics, and more. 

Key Features:

- Silver ion-infused proprietary blend distributed to the core of the panel, providing equally effective antimicrobial resistance for scratched or damaged surfaces. 

- Kills or inhibits the growth of a wide variety of pathogens on contact, including MRSA and VRE, as well as mold and fungi. 

- High-impact resistant surface protects from scratching, dents, and harsh chemicals 

- Thermo-welded seams 

- Tested to JIS Z 2810 / ISO 22196 standards

- Class A fire rating

- Certified lead free



Self-extinguishing and complies with the most demanding fire resistance standards. 

 Standard         Classification
ASTM E 84       Class A
BS 476-7         Class 0
EN 13501        B, s3, d0


Connect with real engineers today

Pre-Qualification Data Package

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